Q: Do you have insurance?


A: Yes we have P.L insurance what covers us for 5 million pound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the earliest you deliver & latest pick up?


A: We can deliver for 9:00am and pick up is 6:00pm but we are flexable! So don't be afraid to ask we will try our best to suit your party needs.

Q: How can I pay?


A: Payment is cash on delivery however we will be setting up a payment system in the near future. 

Q: What happens if it rains?


A: If we have heavy rain or we have strong winds we will have to cancel if this happens we can offer a discount on your next booking within the same year our castles do have a rain cover that can with stand light rain. 

Q: Do you cater for events?


A: Yes We have two options for events as follows.


Option 1: You can hire a castle as usual we will deliver, set up and then pick up at the end of your event, you will prvide your own supervision


Option 2: We will provide Supervision, all the neccesary event equiptment and hire of the castle all for £100 for 3 hours £25 per hour after that, We will charge £2.00 for 5 minutes you will then receive 10% of the takings at the end of your event.



Q: Can your castles go on Astroturf?
A: Yes we do hire on Astroturf but you do need to let us know beforhand so we can bring the right equipment as the standard stakes can damage your lawn!
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