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Our Disco dome has interchangable art work so whether you are having a party for a little one or an adult party we have the artwork to cater.  With disco lights and speaker system, disco dome bouncy castles take the party to the next level for both children and adults!




Product Information


Length (m):5.95 (20 feet)

Width (m):4.7  (15 feet)

Height (m):4.05 (14 feet)


No. of users up to 1m: 12

No. of users up to 1.25m: 9

No. of users up to 1.5m: 7

No. of users over 1.5m: 6 (up to 1.8m)



Disco Domes

About-A-Bounce adhere to supply a fun filled disco however on occasions some children/Adults may be sensitive to flashing lights if you have any form of epilepsy you cannot use this inflatable, please let us know in advance if this is the case. Trip hazards: as Disco’s are primarily carried out in the dark there may be a risk of the children falling over and causing injury to them self! Under no circumstances is anyone to remove the speaker and or lights from the Disco dome if there is any problems please contact us immediately. About-A-Bounce will not accept any responsibility for any accident or injury caused in this situation.

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